Saturday, July 16, 2016

More Summer 2016 Products That I like

Back in 1978 or 79 when I was living in NYC and performing in a disco band ( below), one of the women I was singing with  suggested we all try Lee Press-on Nails. We did use them for a couple of
performances  because they looked good on stage when we were doing our "hand-eography" but after that I said, never again!


Almost 38 years  later I saw these in my local Walgreens  for $7.99. The weren't too long , they didn't look like a French manicure ( hate them) , they just looked like the way I've been trying to make my nails look when I have a manicure.  They come with glue and they last a week! I tried them and I'm on my 2nd box! I still found them a little long and square ( another look that I hate) so I filed them even though they say not to.  Here is  the finished look: