Saturday, November 9, 2013

BEAUTYCOUNTER...products that are gentle, effective and safe

Every once in awhile I'm given some new products to try, usually it's a makeup line but this time
it was a skin care line that is soon to carry it's own makeup line. BEAUTYCOUNTER , is the first
to have a unique ingredient selection process. They eliminate over a thousand commonly used ingredients right off the bat because of concerns about their effects on people's long-term health. 
They have created a line of luxurious skin-care products that are not only free of parabens but also free of other toxins. The company won't put anything in it's products that hasn't been tested, and it bans 1,500 plus  contested chemicals. You can learn more about the company and shop for their products by going to their website,

The Products that I'm using (and loving!):
This is so gentle yet it removes waterproof eye makeup!  I use it with my Clarisonic Mia Brush.

Routine Clean Cream Cleanser, $22

The Perfect day cream. Can be used under or over your sunscreen.
Everyday AM Hydrating Cream, $22     

RoseWater, $32

Spray this on as a makeup setter ( is that a word?) or right before you put on your Everyday Moisturizer. 


Lip Sheer in Coral, $28
This Color lipstick is perfect for my bridal clientele.  Plus, it doesn't dry out your lips.  I like to put my own Super Gloss in Super Nectar over it.