Sunday, September 4, 2016

My New Favorite Ritual

The other day I was taking  a beach therapy walk with my friend, Kim, in Santa Monica. Not only do we get great exercise  ( we walk and talk for almost 2 hours ) but we also  subject ourselves  to those positive ions that one can only get at the beach.  Did I also mention that we trade tips about products that have changed our lives? Well, we do and Kim was talking about the self tanning mousse that I turned her on to and she said that part of that self tanning ritual is not complete without the amazing scrub that her friend, Sara makes and sells on her Etsy site.  Here is how Sara describes her products on her site:
                    sea with love is microbead free ~ Kindness to body, soul & sea.
                    exfoliant containers are 100% post consumer recycled plastic.  
                    each item is made in a small batch, handmade to order.  
                    inquire about customer blends if there is a particular essential oil you love.    
     The scrubs come in 6 incredible scents and mixtures like, Buoyant ,which is a sweet lemon sea salt scrub and not only leaves your skin feeling so unbelievably soft but also smells heavenly! And, it is the perfect pre-self tanner treatment of gently exfoliating your skin so that your tanner goes on streak free! You can purchase a 16oz. jar for $35 plus shipping on Sara's Etsy site called Sea With Love.