Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Day of Test Shots

Last month I did some test shots in Santa Monica at the Sheraton Delfina with 2 photographers and 2 couples. I did the hair on both these photographs.

The top two photos are Samantha, and then, Samantha and Ryan. Samantha's makeup was done by Denise Van Arsdale -West. Samantha is very petite with a lot of hair so I chose to set her hair and pull it back off of her beautiful face. I gave her a little height by placing the curls randomly above her crown. A tea rose was placed just below the curls at the back of the head. Denise gave Samantha a natural look with a light pink lip gloss. A light strip of lashes gave the eyes a bit of a pop. The photo at the top is by; the photo below is by Mieke Snepvangers.

The bottom is Dee whose makeup was done by Kristin Turner of Intimate Designs. We decided that Dee's coloring and beautiful hair would lend itself to a romantic, 40's style. I set the hair in hot rollers and brushed it into soft waves then pulled one side back with a jeweled pin. Kristin gave Dee a strong, perfectly arched brow, a light strip of false lashes and a soft rose lip color. The photo is by