Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Find the Answers To All Of Your Marketing Questions, May 1st

Check out this new marketing class!
Are you tired of all your hard work not working? Do you feel like this economy will never let up? Well, I have news for you. It may not be the economy, but rather how you are approaching it. Things have changed. Have you?
In this full day class you will learn what is working and why. You will get all my marketing tactics that are getting ROI. You will also gain valuable image and branding information and will actually work on your own brand in this workshop. The fee is only $199 for the entire day. It is open to any and all business owners and future business owners.
Please contact Jen at for more info.

Date: Sunday, May 1st at 9am
Location: Beverly Hills
Teacher: Jen O'Sullivan
Investment: $199