Monday, April 26, 2010

The Bronzed Bombshell

The weather is getting warmer, more skin is being revealed and yikes- it's usually legs that get the first unveiling. Yes, the gams that have been undercover all winter want to be set free- except they're not ready.
They're rather unattractive. If you're Caucasian, they're probably the color of Wonder Bread; if you're Latino or African American they're a tad ashy, and Asian skin is probably sallow.

You could go the self-tanning route. St. Tropez has a spray-on version that almost guarantees that you won't miss a spot. Plus, they've eliminated that nasty post, self-tanning odor. The cost - $35.

For those who still have bad QT flash-backs ( the very first self tanner that came out in the 60's), Michael Kors has a travel size ( $10) of his "Leg Shine" that you apply to your legs like a deodorant stick. It comes in one tint ( Classic Golden Sheen) and even leaves the lovely Michael Kors scent behind as an added bonus.

I finally found the perfect face bronzer. Smashbox Cosmetics has come out with Halo Bronzer ($39). I don't know if any of you are familiar with their regular Halo Face Powder, but their bronzer has the same qualities - it "minimizes the signs of aging with 48 minerals and a powerful peptide and patented hydration system that delivers time released moisturization for a radiant, healthy complexion all day". You twist the shaver once and it delivers the perfect amount of bronzer. Use a large, fluffy blush brush. swirl it around the compact, then shake off the excess and apply it to your face starting with the forehead and easing down to the cheeks going back across the cheeks and and ending at your chin. Basically, think of the number 3 when brushing it on. What I especially love is that there are no mica particles that you see in most bronzing powders that give your face a look that resembles a hologram. Not a good thing.