Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Service For Brides

I was recently contacted by a Los Angeles bride-to-be named Daisy Church who was to be married at a destination wedding.
She explained that she wouldn't be able to hire a makeup professional at the destination, and couldn't manage the expense of bringing me from Los Angeles. But she had a clever proposition: Could I teach her some of my techniques so she could count on looking perfect on The Big Day? She already had a look -and a face-in mind: the timeless dewiness of Grace Kelly. (You could easily choose a photo of Kate Winslet, a model from a Bobbi Brown ad, or yourself with a look you loved). On the day of the lesson, Daisy came to my studio with a photo of the movie icon as well as her own bag of makeup.

My first step was to sort through her products, choosing which were appropriate, which weren't, and what she would have to purchase. I knew that she needed a foundation primer to help the makeup go on smoothly and last longer. Even though her liquid foundation was the right color for her skin tone, I suggested another type that provided more coverage in front of all those cameras and videos. Since even mascaraed lashes tend to disappear in photos, I recommended individual false eyelashes. With me as instructor and Daisy as model/student, I taught her how to apply the chosen products. Afterwards, I took photographs and printed them on- site. Then came the coolest part: I made a "face-map" of what products to use and where to use them so she would have a can't-miss guide when it came to do it yourself. I can do the same for you.