Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The 2010 Bridal Manicure

Lately, I've been wondering when the French manicure is going to go away. Specifically, from brides but generally from the planet! Especially the long, squared off version which, in my opinion, has no place on an elegant 2010 bride. I don't think it enhances a woman's hands or her ring finger. Think of the fingers like you do legs and the nails as shoes. If you have short legs, you lengthen them by wearing a heel with a slightly pointed toe . You would give them an even longer look by wearing a shoe in a neutral color. If you want to lengthen your fingers, you file them to a more natural arch and keep the color sheer and neutral.

A few of my favorite nail colors are by Essie in Ballet Slippers and Blushing Bride.

OPI has a great feature on their website, www.opi.com, where there's a picture of a hand. You adjust the nail length and match the skin tone to your own then pick out the color you want to try.