Saturday, May 4, 2013

The New French Manicure

Stephanie Stone, Nail Stylist
                       On May1st, I attended the Urban Unveiled Bridal Show at the gorgeous Vibiana,
                       presented by California Wedding Day magazine. On the way out I was given a 
                       copy of the magazine and came upon a piece entitled, "The New French Manicure"
                       with this beautiful picture of the look by nail stylist, Stephanie Stone of Nailing
                       Hollywood Management, Inc. She says, " A nude to white ombre nail is chic yet               
                       simplistic enough  to complement your wedding ring without outshining it."  A-men
                       I say to that! Hopefully this will put an end to the squared off and harsh lines of the         
                       ubiquitous, current French manicures.