Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Faux Lashes- Individual or the Full Strip?

I always ask my bridal clientele if they'd like to try false lashes.
Nine times out of ten they jump at the chance. I particularly like individuals rather than the full strip. I think that they look and feel more natural and that by mixing in different lengths, you can really give the illusion that you were born with them! Ardell carries them in mini, short, medium and long. And at $3.99 per pack, available at most drug stores, they are makeup's deal of the century! Ardell also makes my favorite adhesive in clear which comes in a little glass vile.

Before actually making the decision to wear them on an important night out, I suggest you try a few practice sessions.

1.) Apply all your eye makeup first and leave the lash application for the final step.

2.) Using an eyelash curler, curl your own lashes, then brush one or two layers of mascara, combing though each lash with an eyelash comb to remove any clumps.

3.) Pour a tiny bit of eyelash adhesive onto a piece of paper and with a tweezers, take one cluster and dip the base of it in the adhesive. Wait about 15 seconds till the glue is tacky, and then wedge the base between your real lashes starting with the outer corner and working your way in. You can alternate the sizes, starting with the long or medium lengths and ending with the short or mini. You can also just leave two or three on the outer corners. This will give the eyes a nice little lift.

4.) When the lashes are dry, apply a final coat of mascara.

5.)When you're ready to remove them,massage an eye makeup remover over the lashes to soften the glue first. Then gently pull the lashes off.